Full-width flush-type laminating T-die

Cost savings that can be seen in the actual numbers: Kohshin Engineering
T-dies deliver high performance at low prices.

These products resolve the largest problem in the extrusion lamination workplace – resin leakage. They also minimize the amount of resin required for purging and deliver one-touch operation. The key themes for the development of NLPD are maximum reduction in waste (industrial waste materials) and maximum benefits to humans and the environment.

The patented deckle structure delivers the following advantages.

  • - Eliminates resin leakage at seal points (zero leakage)
  • - Provides a large reduction in purge time
  • - Ensures high laminating accuracy and durability due to hardening of the flow channels, precision grinding, and ultra-hard film treatment.
    • Hardness: HRC50
    • Film hardness: Approx. Hv1100
    • Surface roughness: Ra0.04 μm or less
    • Lip edge R: Approx. 50 μm
  • - The Deckel unit opening mechanism allows cleaning inside the die while it is still mounted on the machine.

Reduced labor costs due to shorter purge times, improved production operating efficiency, and other positive factors are expected to total approximately 25 million yen per year. When reduced resin expenses are included, the expected annual cost savings reach approximately 30 million yen.

NLPD reduces resin leakage to zero, eliminating the losses resulting from line stops and nonconforming products caused by resin leakage that are the main disadvantage of conventional machines.

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