Taper gauge for ultra-precision slits

Simply insert gently into the slit for easy, instantaneous measurement!

This product makes use of the grinding technologies which we have developed through the manufacture of a range of precision instruments (including T-dies for extrusion lamination and coating dies) since the time our company was founded. They are custom-order instruments that are guaranteed to be a precise fit for the accuracy grade, measurement range, and other requirements of the customer's intended application.

When measuring with conventional measurement instruments…

  • - The initial cost when introducing a new instrument is high.
  • - Measurement is only possible when the operator who understands the measurement procedure is present.
  • - The locations which can be measured are limited due to restrictions on how the instrument can be handled.
  • - Significant amounts of time are required for measurement work.

With the KEC ultra-precision taper gauge (PAT. 4116999)…

  • - Instruments are a lightweight, hand-held size. Operation requires no special knowledge. Simply insert the gauge into the slit.
  • - Smallest scale division: 1μm (2μm, 5μm, 10μm)
  • - Can be custom ordered to match the accuracy grade, measurement range, and other requirements according to the customer's intended application.
  • - In general, these instruments are made to order, and the price is significantly less than image measurement instruments which contain a CCD camera or similar device.
  • - Standard price range: 200,000 yen
  • - The product material is a special resin that prevents scratches on the item being measured and also improves abrasion resistance.


Extrusion lamination T-die (for measurement when heated)

→ Low thermal expansion metal (thermal expansion coefficient 0.8 or less)

Coating die nozzles (for room-temperature measurement )

→ Special engineering plastic (abrasion resistant specifications)

Scale readings → 1μm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm

Thicknesses that can be produced → Starting from 35μm

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